Our clients view:

Padraig Keegan - Supply Chain Director, Glanbia Ireland Ingredients

"MDR have worked on a wide range of projects across all of our Group divisions, both locally and internationally. In GII, they have assisted us on yield improvement initiatives, warehousing design/development, outsourcing and managing major change programmes. Across Glanbia, they are seen as an organisation that is easy to work with and delivers solid work."


Jim Sheerin - Operations Director, Brennan Bakeries

"Over the years, I have engaged MDR to support a broad range of major manufacturing and supply chain projects. Their experience in the definition and subsequent implementation of major change programmes was key to the successful delivery of these initiatives, without any business interruption or service impact."


Tim Healy - Head of Operations, Dairygold Food Ingredients

"We utilise MDR to assist in managing major development and cross functional programmes across Dairygold. Their experience, approach and operating style, is key to them successfully facilitating  and driving our business teams deliver successful outcomes, often against challenging timelines"
Stephen Cameron - Commercial Director, Dale Farm

 "Mike and his team have worked with us on many manufacturing and logistics projects over the last ten years. They bring in-depth knowledge of the food sector, together with the ability to work seamlessly with our people across the various functions. Their ongoing input has helped Dale Farm continue to minimise waste, improve process performance and reduce costs."
Tine_(Unternehmen)_logo.svg (1)
 Per Ivar Berg - Executive Vice President Production TINE SA

“MDR are providing excellent support and facilitation to TINE and our partners Dairygold, in the establishment of a new state of the art cheese manufacturing facility at Mogeely in Co. Cork which will go into production in late 2019. Our combined investment is valued at €120m.”

Edward Dillon
 Andy O Hara - CEO Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd

"We successfully outsourced our logistic and transport activities together with related processes. MDR's supply chain management experience together with their knowledge of the Irish provider market was invaluable. This included evaluating  "what" and "how" to outsource, developing an appropriate tender, assisting in logistics partner selection and advising on contract elements. We renegotiated and updated our contracts at the end of 2018 with their support"  
 Les Gilles - Group Distribution Manager, Moy Park

"MDR have assisted us on a number of major strategic projects across our supply chain over the last two years. They came with a practical, clear and insightful approach, worked extremely well with our management team, and assisted us deliver sustainable, cost-effective and market-oriented solutions.