Supply Chain Strategy

UK Poultry Processor

 Our client is a major supplier of fresh and prepared poultry products to the UK multiples, supplying from a number of processing plants in NI and GB. Their business required a revised strategic logistics approach to enable planned business growth and continue to deliver customer cost and service targets. Having initially mapped current processes and performance, we subsequently worked with their logistics team to define and cost revised storage and transportation model options to address the above challenges.

The client’s selected option is currently in implementation phase.

ROI Drinks Group

 Our client had three business units, each with standalone logistics structures, facilities and processes. We were tasked with evaluating the costs, benefits and risks associated with putting a single, shared logistics model in place. This exercise identified that transitioning to the proposed ‘single’ solution would deliver significant cost and service benefits across the Group

MDR was subsequently requested to project manage the successful implementation and bedding-in of the new model.

ROI Dairy Group

 We led a strategic supply chain review for a US based division of a major Irish dairy group, supplying markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. This division’s business had and continues to grow at a significant rate. Its supply chain footprint includes a number of internal/contract manufacturing sites and warehouse facilities across the US.

The review identified the need for revised organisational roles, structures and order fulfilment processes to the ensure supply capability continued to support and enable business growth plans.